2021 Best Vector Art Portfolio

Portfolio Vektor Art Terbaik 2021

About Me

Denny Brightlan is a freelance illustrator and vector artist currently working as an exclusive contributor for Eezy Inc. His creative energy based on three main sources – movie stories, family and music. Denny playful and optimistic illustration universe is full of vibrant colors, positive vibes and bold geometric flat shapes. This expressiveness appeals to a large array of clients, such as:

  • Veectezy.com
  • Stockunlimited.com
  • 123RF.com
  • Designs.net
  • Fiverr.com

Let’s connect 😉

Email = designsonline.id@gmail.com
Whatsapp = +6287808780997

My Skill


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Lightroom


Microsoft Office


Denny is a good co-worker and friend. Always on schedule and deliver great result. He is very helpful and ready to assist his colleagues anytime. I’m very delighted to have an opportunity to work with him.

Natalia Kartika Sari Hutabarat

Art Director, VECTEEZY

Denny has been a graphic illustrator team leader with StockUnlimited for over one year. During this time he has brought leadership, creativity, and team spirit to our company. I wish him all the best in her future career.

Christian Toksvig

Chief Executive Officer, STOCK UNLIMITED LLC

He’s my go-to designer for everything digital. I highly recommend him for all your needs. Thanks for coming through again my friend!



My Portfolio

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